5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

If you’re on the lookout for vacation time or on a honeymoon, you can definitely opt for Bali and there are more than one reasons to do so. For this, you can opt for Cheap Bali 4N/5D tour Package or 4n/5d Bali family tour package with airfare.

There are many reasons why you should choose Bali such as amazing crowd, within budget, beautiful sunset experience, amazing DJ night to dance your heart outs and so much more. Basically, if you want to enjoy life after dark, Bali will be the best choice. So let’s see that the night experience feels like in Bali:

1.Night Club

5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

This place boasts of some of the world-renowned nightclubs, whose main events start around midnight. Events such as night bars, pumping dj’s, dance floors, rooftop lounges and so much more. If you are a person who loves nightlife, this place is sure to make your night a memorable one.

2.Beach Clubs

5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

There are beautiful locations that overlook the Indian Ocean send out party vibes. The beaches have shack setup and are full of lights and party mode on environment fills the air. There are some super fine collection of beach clubs such as Ku De Ta and Mozaic. These are known to host perfect evenings for the tourists and guests which is beautified by the beautiful sunsets.

3.Night Market

5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

Shopping has always been fun at nights with all the lights and the music around. Bali has the perfect night market for shoppers. These night markets are known locally as ‘pasar malam’ and also as ‘pasar senggol’. The most famous night markets are based out of Sanur, Kereneng, and Badung. Few are also located in Ginayar which mostly contains stalls for food, snacks, and some knick-knacks at dirt cheap prices. This is truly a local heaven when you visit and it’s sure to leave you with amazement.

4.Rooftop Bars

5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

Who doesn’t like some open space? Everyone does. And the fun is many folds when its rooftop with a view of the world outside. Simple exotic! Bali has these in numbers and you can head into any of them for a good bar experience. The drinks are innovative at these bars and you can try something local to Bali as well which you won’t find in the other parts of the world. The breezy air is sure to give you the feels with a bottle in hand making up for the perfect experience indeed.

5.Traditional Dance Performance

5 Best Nightlife Experiences in Bali

The theaters and shows in Bali are all live. If you avail 4N/5D Package Bali Indonesia, it covers these theater visits if you wish to visit. The dance performances are shown with background containing ancient temple art. The dances are choreographed really well and the lighting effect gives a different feel altogether. The shows are based on themes and they range from ancient Hindu to local folktales. The dance troupes have well-designed costumes according to the themes.

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